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Nice Details

Pedals on the Volkswagen ID.2all GTI

Way back in issue 1 of Design Details I included the pedals in Volkswagen's ID range of electric cars, where the brake and accelerator are branded pause and play icons respectively.

VW recently previewed a sporty ID model, and a detail I love is that the play icon has been replaced with a fast forward icon. It's a fun way to subtly differentiate the car from the less-sporty models.

Image credit: Fully Charged Show on YouTube

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Not-so-nice details

Notifications in the Reddit app

Reddit recently killed off third party clients, meaning people now have to use their official app.

The app is fine for the most part, albeit a huge downgrade from Apollo, but it does one thing in particular that really downgrades the user experience.

Almost all the time, it displays a big red badge on the Inbox tab making it look like you have a message. When you check it, it's actually a recommendation from a subreddit you follow.

At this point this would be just about acceptable if Reddit made it easy to opt out of these recommendations that you never opted into, but they do not. To stop receiving recommendations, you need to tap your profile icon, hit Settings, then your username, Manage notifications, scroll down to Community alerts, and then switch off notifications for each subreddit you follow. In my case, that's hundreds of subreddits, so opting out of them all would take forever. Usually in cases like this you'd include a user friendly Select all button to make this easier, but unsurprisingly Reddit doesn't.

Opting users in to notifications they don't want and making it too burdensome to switch them off is a dark pattern for sure. Be better, Reddit.

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