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Curry hooks

I recently learned that some cars come with a little hook on the dashboard for hanging things, which in the UK has become known as the 'curry hook' because it's perfect for holding a bag from a takeaway.

Nissan claims to have invented it in 1996, and it's spread to a few other cars since then.

The Polestar 2's implementation of the curry hook is quite clever as it's initially hidden inside the glove compartment, then folds out only when it's needed.

Image credit: /u/mishkazard on Reddit.

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Overcast's Smart Speed feature

Overcast is a podcast player for iOS. One of the features I love is Smart Speed, which shortens silences during podcasts, to save time.

A nice touch is that Overcast keeps track of how much time Smart Speed has saved you, and tells you on the settings screen. I've had the feature switched on for so long that I've forgotten it's on, so it's nice to get the occasional reminder of just how much time it's saved me.

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