Welcome to Nice UX Design: a celebration of the small details found in products that elevate them and make them greater than the sum of their parts.

Each issue features some examples of nice details from the digital and physical worlds, along with the occasional not-so-nice detail where things could have been improved.

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Nice Details

ChatGPT's 'at capacity' message

You probably know this already, but ChatGPT is a large language model that lets you have conversations with an AI.

Recently I was using it for something and hit an error screen about it being at capacity, with a fun message, which was presumably generated using ChatGPT itself. Not only is it cute, but it also helps to subtly educate users about the sort of things ChatGPT can be used for.

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Ioniq 5's steering wheel

For their Ioniq 5, Hyundai adopted a bolder design language than they'd previously used, with a kind of modern take on blocky 80s design.

Part of this aesthetic is the heavy use of a pixel motif. You'll find pixels everywhere, like in the lights, in the charging port, the doors, and so on. My favourite place though is the pixels on the steering wheel. Not only is it nice that they restrained the urge to add a big logo, but the four pixels also spell H (for Hyundai) in morse code. Subtle.

Image credit: Cars With Steve on Youtube

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Rickrolling in Slack

Rickrolling is sending an unsuspecting person a link to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up when they least expect it. The problem with a lot of modern apps is that they display a preview of links you send, ruining the surprise.

Slack has a cool feature where it won't display a preview of that particular URL, so you can rickroll people as much as you like and they'll be none the wiser.

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