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Each issue features some examples of nice details from the digital and physical worlds, along with the occasional not-so-nice detail where things could have been improved.

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Nice Details

Hex colour codes in Slack

Slack is full of nice details. One of my favourites is that when a hex colour code is used in a message, it displays the corresponding colour. It's a very tiny detail but it's saved me, and probably any Slack users who work with colours, a lot of time over the years.

Nice UX Design  

Frietag's cookie banner

Cookie banners pretty much universally suck for users. At best they're an interruption, and at worst they're a maze of dark patterns and 'see my choices' buttons.

Freitag is a company that makes bags from recycled truck tarps, and they have a great cookie banner. It's not actually a banner, it literally fills the entire page and tells you succinctly what their cookies are for, with clear buttons for accepting and rejecting them.

I like that it takes up the entire screen by confronting you with the choice straight away, which I find preferable to it hanging around in a banner at the bottom of the screen that just gets in the way. If you're going to be annoying.

However, Freitag could do an even better job by giving both the OKAY, COOL and No, thanks buttons equal prominence. The smaller font and lack of button styling on No, thanks isn't quite a dark pattern but it could be much improved by making it the same size as OKAY, COOL.

Nice UX Design  

Play and pause icons on Volkswagen pedals

When Volkswagen released their line of electric vehicles – the ID range – they designed them quite differently from their other vehicles, with a more 'techy' exterior and interior design, including a totally new infotainment system.

One nice little detail is that the accelerate and brake pedals are marked with play and pause icons. Most drivers never even look at the pedals so this is very much ornamental, but it's still a playful detail that makes driving slightly more fun.

Image credit: /u/HellSpawn61671 on Reddit

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