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Nice Details

Uber's ads in notifications

Uber is a ride-sharing app used in many parts of the world. Recently, instead of simply pairing riders with drivers, their app has also been sending push notifications to their users.

It's a really nice touch that they're thoughtfully letting people know about products that might interest them, and it definitely isn't a violation of rule 2.5.18 of the App Store review guidelines.

Image credit: Michelle Grant on Twitter

Nice UX Design  

The charging port on Apple's Magic Mouse

For years, Apple has held a reputation of making some of the best mice in the industry.

In 2015, they refreshed their Magic Mouse to use an internal rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries, and they placed the charging port on the underside of the mouse. The change was well received, and since the switch countless people have discovered how convenient it is to charge it this way. Sure, you can't use the mouse while it's charging, but that just incentivises you to go and take a break while it's charging.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Nice UX Design  

Alexa notifications

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant, used in their Echo devices as well as many others.

Most people use Alexa to do simple things like set timers, play music and check the weather. Initially Alexa did these things without fuss, but recently Alexa has started to helpfully remind users of other things it can do, usually when you least expect it. "By the way, did you know you can also..."

I really like how Alexa tries to be helpful by reminding us of features we might not be using, and I especially love how it sends notifications to your phone too, in case you miss the voice notifications.

Nice UX Design  

Happy April 1st!

Hopefully you realised by now, but all of today's content was examples of not-so-nice design, for April Fool's Day.

Normal service will be resumed in the next issue. Promise.

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