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Nice Details

Avoiding spoilers with BT Sport

BT Sport broadcasts sports in the UK.

These days, it's pretty difficult to avoid finding out the outcome of a game if you missed it, but a nice touch with BT Sport's app is they include a 'Spoiler Free Landing Page' option which takes you into a page in the app that doesn't show any results. Perfect for when you've missed the game and want to watch the highlights unspoiled.

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IKEA's fake video games

If you've ever been to IKEA you'll have seen their fake TVs and game consoles. They're non-functional props made from plastic so you can get an idea of how their furniture will look in a real home. But did you know they also have fake games too? In a playful touch, the games are all named after real games, with an IKEA product name thrown in. Super MALM Bros!

Image credit: Throwaway_97534 on Reddit

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