Welcome to Nice UX Design: a celebration of the small details we find in products that elevate them and make them greater than the sum of their parts.

Each issue features some examples of nice details from the digital and physical worlds, along with the occasional not-so-nice detail where things could have been improved.

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Nice Details

Working across timezones in Slack

In Slack, when sending a DM to somebody in a different timezone than you, it lets you know what their local time is just above the message box.

This is a lovely small touch. It's unobtrusive and doesn't interrupt you, and it gives you some relevant information at exactly the time you're likely to need it: when you're about to send them a message.

Nice UX Design  

Funny message on Huel boxes

Huel is a series of meal replacement foods. They sell shakes, protein, hot food, plus some other things.

I recently got a delivery of it and accidentally had the box the wrong way up, when I saw this message. It doesn't really serve much purpose but it's fun nonetheless. Huel's branding is quite austere and utilitarian, so when they do add a bit of personality it stands out.

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Benches on rails in Portugal

I recently learned of a park in Elvas, Portugal, where the benches are on rails so they can be moved around to be in the best position.

It's a great idea, because if the bench you want is in the sun, you can move it to somewhere shady (or vice versa). Plus, when nobody's around you can push it around and pretend to be on a train.

Credit: /u/shewalkinglikea on Reddit.

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